It’s the Slogans

I have had a few Clinton supporters point out to me that “Feel the Bern” is kind of a dumb slogan.  It doesn’t really say anything.  It’s a pun on his name and puns are, it has often been said, the lowest form of wit.  Whatever.  It has been an extremely effective slogan.  It’s catchy. It’s snappy.  More than that, it’s somehow visceral, and accurate.  This is a campaign on fire and we do feel the Bern.  We feel a warm and fuzzy glow from associating with so many other people who want to make the world a better place.  We feel the flames of passion rising with each victory, and a smoldering, slow burn of resentment with each setback.  It’s an absolutely great slogan.

feel the bern

Hillary is losing, on the other hand, because she has had a series of lousy slogans.*

First, let’s talk about her official slogan.  “I’m with her.”  So?  We’re with him.  Since our chosen candidates are of different genders, they use different pronouns.  It emphasizes the ‘1st woman president’ talking point, but that’s neutralized by the fact that plenty of feminists are voting for Bernie.  Madeleine Albright did not improve  matters any when she said any women who didn’t vote for Hillary were going to hell.

Then, her early campaign slogan of “I’ve already got this locked up, people, we’re just going through the motions.”  That got her through  the first few debates, which were all held in secret, while everybody in the country was watching football.

After the close race in Iowa and getting thrashed in New Hampshire, she switched that to “Neener, neener, I’ve got all the superdelegates, it doesn’t matter how much you win by.”

Then, the elections moved South and her campaign slogan became “Bernie’s too white.”  Seriously?  Who are you, Hillary, Aretha Franklin?  Amazingly, though, that  one seemed to work for a while.  It’s run its course, however, as Sanders has a LOT longer record in fighting for civil rights, has picked up a few key black endorsements, and is even or slightly ahead of her among black voters nationwide.

Then, her campaign slogan was “It’s all over, Sanders people, you should just give up now, we’re way too far ahead” and I admit, I was becoming discouraged.

Then, after the blatant cheating in Arizona, things became very bitter and her campaign slogan became “Come on, guys, stop saying bad things about her.”  Amazingly, it fell on deaf ears.  There is just SO MUCH bad stuff to say about her.

Now, after having lost the last several states in a row (and having Nevada reversed!), with Sanders leading her in number of states won and leading her in some national polls, she has come up with a new one.  “I’m not even sure he’s a Democrat.”

So?  Despite what you might think, Hillary, most Democrats do not think of you as the owner leader of the Democratic party, and most Americans don’t consider being a member of the Democratic party as an automatic job qualification for the presidency.

It’s time for Hillary Clinton to adopt a campaign slogan that’s been proven to work, that will make everybody happy.  “Feel the Bern.”


*Not really.  She is losing because she is a horrible person and nobody trusts her, and there’s no particular position or ideology she stands for.


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  1. DW

    You didn’t mention her real slogan, “No, we can’t”. Love the Aretha Franklin comment. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen comments about him being from a “lily white state”.

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