The Thing About Panama

As a Sanders supporter, of course you all know how I’m going to react to the Panama Papers scandal.  (which I’m very glad no newspaper has yet called Panamagate – perhaps we are finally over that nonsense meme).

Hillary bad, Bernie good.  But lest I be accused of simply being partisan, let me just leave this here:

Sanders is amazing!  Not  only can he talk to little birds and appear behind Hillary in 20 year old photographs, he also was right about this.  Like hundred percent right, when nobody else was paying attention.  Certainly not those of us out her in real-world land, where most people only pay attention to politics every 4 years, and even then don’t bother to be well informed.


bernie sanders paname

Hillary Clinton, of course, was Secretary of State  in 2011 and thus directly responsible for the Panamanian Free Trade Act.

Of  course, Obama shares a bit of blame for it, too, and it pains me to say  that.  For the most part, I think, he’s been a brilliant president.  He brought America back from the brink of economic collapse, he saved the bus from going over a cliff.  He got the affordable care act passed, over opposition that  was completely unhinged and irrational.  While he hasn’t exactly brought peace to the Middle East but he hasn’t invaded any new countries base on totally fraudulent information, either.  So, I’m bummed that he’s involved  in this, but there you have it. He is.

Obama brought us hope, but in a lot of key areas, there was no change.  Sanders will be a change.

I just saw that Hillary was linked to a couple of the people in the scandal.  I don’t really think that’s the issue.  She probably didn’t actually do anything illegal herself (she’s smart), and neither did her friends who were involved.

The scandal is that ALL OF THIS (Sanders estimates it’s about $100 billion a year) is completely legal.  Hillary made it so.


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