Ruminations on Discovery Channel

Just watching a Morgan Freeman thing  on dimensions and parallel universes and what happened before the  big bang, and random phrases are leaping out at me reaching out to the world of other minds, all the universe is made up of geometrical shapes, which is true, of course.  Two, three dimensional worlds being pulled together by a force, a trillion years is probably about right per cycle, A collision between two brain worlds, I guess that’s how they’re explaining the Big Bang.

Well, we can’t be too sure of what happened back then.  There’s a lot we still don’t understand about the universe.  I find it hard to accept the Stephen Hawking idea that there was no time before the  Big Bang, but that leaves me with an infinity of universes stretching back into infinity, and as mind bogglingly impossible as it is to imagine time going on forever into the future, it is twice that impossible to imagine that same distance back to the beginning, because it is a strong tenet of our universal belief acceptance system, a foundational structure of images in  the human  mind, which goes far beyond religion. We want things to have had an origin.  We want to know what it is.

So, we’re at an impasse.


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