The Reasons

There seem to be a lot of people who don’t understand this whole primary/general election  split.  They’re the “I like Bernie but we have to vote for Hillary…” types.  Well, no you don’t.

It works like a lot  of championship sports tournaments.  The Republican winner advances and the Democratic winner advances.  Simple.  Whoever wins, between Sanders and Clinton, will participate in the election  in November, probably against Trump unless the Republicans are willing to screw over their Teabagger faction in the same way Clinton is trying to screw over the progressive wing of the Democratic party, in which case it will be some other lose because, quite honestly, they don’t have anybody good.

So, for those who say “I like Bernie, but…” here are a few reasons you should just go ahead and switch your primary vote to Sanders,” especially if you likve in California, New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana or any other state that hasn’t voted yet.

  1. After Sanders wins, party  unification will be relatively swift.  Hillary’s supporters have no reason to dislike Bernie except, of course, that he’s not a woman.  He will likely appoint just as many women  as she would, and nominate even more liberal people to the Supreme Court.  Beyond that, he is the things they say they admire about Hillary.  He is intelligent, and capable, and experienced.  He is honest.  He is progressive.  Oh, sure, there may be a brief flareup of PUMA, this is an emotionally charged time, but in the end “They like Bernie, but…” means they like Bernie.
  2. Bernie beats Trump, Cruz, and Kasich in head to head polls.  Hillary doesn’t.  If the Republicans pull a fast one and nominate, say, Paul Ryan, for instance, Bernie will kick his ass, too.
  3. There is a sharp differentiation between Bernie and Trump.  It will be the millionaire vs. the working class hero.  If Hillary wins the nomination, it’s just  a battle between two extremely rich people.
    If Bernie gets the nomination, the election will be about going forward, into a better future, or going  back the dark ages.  If Hillary gets the nomination, it will be “Should we go back to the Dark Ages, or just back a little bit.”
  4. Momentum.  If Bernie gets the nomination, he goes into the  election riding  on top of a wave, which will become a surge. Good for downticket Dems, too.  If Hillary gets the nomination,  she gets it scarred and tainted, limping across the finish line.
  5. Bernie’s cool.  If you vote for Bernie, you’re  cool.  You get to tell people you voted for Bernie.




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