Bill (different Bill) and Hillary’s Racist Joke

Bill de Blasio, Hillary Clinton, and a black actor from the play “Hamilton”, told an extremely dumb, racist joke at a fund raiser last night in New York.  As much as I dislike Hillary, I just can’t figure out why.


Epic Fail


Bill de Blasio has more credit with  black people than any white politician in the United States, or at least he did until now.  It’s one thing to say “I’ve got black friends” and it’s entirely another to say “My wife is black.  My  kids are black.”  Also, there was that time he said, “Hey, we’ve got a problem here with the police murdering black people all the time and I’m worried about it because my son is a black teenager.”  The Police Union was outraged, and turned their backs on  him. (literally)

So, maybe he thought he could pull off a joke like this.  He couldn’t.

Hillary Clinton should also have known better.  But she  didn’t.

Here’s the joke:  Hillary thanked de Blasio for his endorsement and then said “Took you long enough.”  That wasn’t the joke but, really, if they’d had any sense, they’d have left it  right there.  It started to get less funny real quick.

De Blasio said “I was on C.P. time.”  (which could stand for ‘colored person time.’)  The crowd gasped.  The actor (dressed in period costume, as a house  slave) said “I don’t appreciate jokes like that” and Hillary got the punchline “Cautious politician time.”  See, it wasn’t really a joke about colored people at all.

Well, that was Paula Deen’s defense.  Another incident it reminds me of was the time Letterman made a joke about one of the guys in his band, something about being dressed like a lawn jockey, that led to a walkout, followed by a very profuse apology.

I guess they will say in their defense that it was a reference to the Broadway play, “Hamilton.”  Great.  They make jokes that only make sense to people who can afford Broadway tickets.  You don’t find many people making minimum wage in those audiences.
I suppose Hillary figured that she could get away with it, talking to the Inner Circle (Really.  The group that sponsored the event is called ‘The Inner Circle,’ and their members are New York journalists.)  Once again, she seems to have forgotten the existence of video cameras and YouTube.

The bizarre thing is, with the stakes so high and the race so tight, that she would do something so monumentally stupid.  She really is a lousy, tone-deaf campaigner.  It was an unforced error, much like Ben Carson’s comment about the pyramids being used as grain silos.

Just out of nowhere, for no reason at all, something stupid.


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