A Good Day For Me

Went with Helena and Isabel  to the eye doctor this morning, it was just an eye test for Isabel and she  doesn’t need glasses, so that’s good.
I had a proofreading I had to finish for Helena for work and managed to complete that while sitting in  the waiting room – nearly perfect timing and  every  job done is a small victory.

Fairly crowded  tram so we were standing.  One stop before Palmovka and the tram didn’t seem to be going anywhere.  People were getting  up and leaving.  We didn’t know what  the problem was but decided that Palmovka was easy walking distance, so we got off.  As we walked past the front car, the door was open and there was a woman lying on  the floor.  Well dressed, elderly, so not a drunken homeless person.  Maybe a heart attack.  What’s kind of surprising, what with riding public transportation 3 or 4 times every day, and hundreds of people all around, is that it  doesn’t happen more often.  Haven’t heard the news, hope she gets through it O.K.  As we walked to Palmovka, we heard the ambulances coming behind us.
Helena went to work, Isabel and I caught the 16 to her school, or within easy walking distance.  It’s nice to come from a different direction occasionally.  Since it was such a warm spring day, I didn’t choose the Metro going back, either.  I  walked across Riegerovy Sady and  caught  the  bus to  Florenc.  Gave a couple of small coins to a gypsy man, playing Elvis’ ‘Are You Lonely Tonight’ on the accordion and when I hear that  song I think of this video, with Elvis cracking up on stage while singing  that song, and I looked up  at the sky and thought of how everything is connected, in time and space.

Had most of a poem written in my head by the time I got home, something I’ve been turning  around in my head for about a week, and it finally came together.  By me, that is the  definition of a productive day.

My adult student canceled, the two little girls were kind of bad but no worse than usual, no one burst out crying and they  didn’t actually refuse to participate in the lesson.  They maybe even  learned a few  new  words.
And that’s about it for today.


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