The Berning of Washington Square

A publication called ‘Business Insider’ had the headline today ‘Clinton and Sanders Hold Huge Rallies on Same Night.’  That sound fair and balanced…until you realize that Bernie’s rally, in Washington Square Park, drew almost 50,000 people (27,000 in the park, which is crowded.  Wahington Square is really a square, and not a big park at all, and another 20,000 at the fringes of the park.
Hillary, on the other hand, spoke to 1,300 people.   I suppose you could  say 1,300 is a huge gathering – if it’s for a Labor Day BBQ in your back yard.  It would be a huge gathering if you were  having a yard sale.  It is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a huge rally, as far as political rallies go.

This kind of lying headline is what we’ve come to expect, so we’ll just have to keep spreading everything via social media and hope word gets out.  Here is a clip of the speech, if you’re interested.  It’s kind  of awesome.




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