Bernie Gets Stuff Done

One of the bullshit arguments Hillary supporters make is that Hillary Clinton is so amazingly experienced that she’ll know what to do on  day one, so amazingly competent that she knows how to get things done. although they have a bit harder time pointing to any cases where she actually got things done.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand,  is getting things done just by  being in the race.  Take the  $15 minimum wage, for  instance.  When he first started talking  about  that, I thought, uh-oh, bad politics, but it makes sense, it is a very popular point, and Hillary rushed to take credit for it when it was voted in in New York (although with a clause that it’s going to be implemented slowly)

My point, however, is that it was voted in, in New York, California, and a couple of municipalities, notably Seattle.  And it happened because of Bernie Sanders.  Nobody was talking about it, he started talking about it, it happened.  As if by magic.

Then there’s the trip to the Vatican.  Of course, speaking to a conference on poverty is not ending poverty.  But, in addition  to a brief meeting with the pope, he also met with Bolivian President Evo Morales.  So, this meeting classifies as his first presidential diplomatic mission and there’s no region on Earth the U.S. needs to mend fences with, it’s South America.  Or maybe Central Asia.  Or Southeast Asia.  Or the Middle East.

But, in any event, Bernie is hitting the ground running.

Bernie talks a lot about rich people hiding their money in other countries and abracadabra and alakazaam, the Panama Papers appear.  I’m not saying Bernie actually had anything to do with it, could be just another coincidence.  But it had a powerful effect.  The leader of Iceland resigned.  David Cameron  of the U.K. is under pressure to resign.  And Putin is under suspicion.  Who knew that Putin had more than a billion dollars socked away for his retirement?  I hadn’t.

So, the next time some Clinton apologist says Bernie won’t be able to get anything done, tell them he’s already getting stuff done now, just by the sheer strength of his character and the very thought of him becoming president.  Imagine what might happen if he wins.

We may be living in a world of permanent peace and prosperity within a couple of years.  Of course, probably not, because he will be facing obstructionism, but he’ll get some of  it done.  And that’s a lot.




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2 responses to “Bernie Gets Stuff Done

  1. DW

    I’m going to play grammaer nazi. If there’s any region instead of no region, and Who knew? I didn’t.

  2. DW

    Good blog nonetheless.

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