Poem of the Day

A fairly normal  day, arguing with  trolls,  Helena and  Isabel went to Mlada Boleslav for the day, for a circus, and Sam had a football game in the afternoon.

I’ve left writing the blog until late, and exhausted all my coherent thoughts in writing  zingers in the comments, which always fall flat because the people they are directed at just don’t feel zinged, I am reminded of playing Cowboys and Indians as a kid and the growing realization that people, or at least all of my  friends, just cheated like crazy all the time.  “Bang!  You’re dead.”  “No, I’m not, you missed.”
What social media needs is a referee.

Anyway, enough of all that.  Here’s a little  poem I wrote this morning, and I’m pretty  happy with it:

It’s a time of confusion

and verbal profusion

of words of tremendous disparity

How they are used

leaves us all quite confused

and we long for a bit of sweet clarity

We all want to know

what’s the right way to go,

so, we’re wondering what is the deal;

What is this yearning?

what is this Bern

that everyone thinks we should feel?

The Bern’s a sensation,

that’s sweeping the nation,

the world, with its rising hum

a sort of elation
a mass celebration

a feeling whose time has come

the people are coming

to dance to the drumming

the beat of the Bernie drum

the voice of the crowd

speaking clearly and loud

of the way that the world ought to be

with the grass growing green

on a world bright and clean

with shared prosperity

with justice for all

the great and the small

and education, too

When we stand united

a flame is ignited

there’s nothing that we cannot do

We can live ever more

in a world without war

a world where we’re sisters and brothers

Things will be great

in a world without hate

where people all love one another

It’s the hammer of justice

the bell of freedom

the song of love so grand

That’s in the air

and everywhere

you go throughout the land

it’s on everyone’s lips

and fingertips

everywhere you turn

Things will start

when you open your heart

You, too, will Feel the Bern!


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