Happy 420!

I didn’t go to a big party around a campfire or attend  a major demonstration, although there was probably such going on.  In fact, I almost forgot to celebrate.


First off, woke  up to the horrible  news that the  forces of total corporate  control had stolen the New  York primary just like they did in Arizona.  It appears as though Bernie will  continue to slug it out,state by state, delegate by delegate, remaining focused on the issues, which scares me because I think that’s a losing strategy.  We need to start  taking this shit to court.

Argued with  some Hillary people, and answered one of these, ‘you must vote for her, you must vote for her’ posts with something along  the lines of ‘fuck off, no I don’t’ and got  defriended, with extreme prejudice.  Felt  good, and my page is a bit cleaner.

Went to the Post Office, that went quickly, and  so  had lots of  time to get to the lessons at the German pre-school.  Time enough to sit in  the  park and read for  awhile.  It  was a lovely Spring Day, even if the world is doomed to corporatist hell for thousands of years.  Well, the director is on vacation, that was one lesson down, unfortunately the one  I get paid cash for, but they said  I could have the lesson with the kids early, which was nice, but that  meant I was way early to pick up Isabel.

So, went to McDonald’s, had a cheeseburger and coffee and continued to read, a schlock science fiction  thing, very light on  the real science and heavy  on the warp travel and laser blasters  and  shit but with a couple of interesting characters, the  mad scientist who owns a planet and is totally abusive to everybody, including his android.

Went to pick up Isabel, waited there about 45 minutes before somebody told me she’d  gone home on her own so I was a little bit ticked off.

Got home and, despite the  fact that I’ve more or less limited my smoking to weekends for the last 6 months or so, figured I could  use one today.  So I smoked one and then, later on in the evening, the date came up for  some reason  and I  realized it actually is 420 today, so it would have been  wrong not to smoke.

Feels good.


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