Arizona Redux

It’s 11:30 p.m. and just got home  from Gone in 60 Seconds, an  evening of  open mike comedy at A Maze in Tchaiovna, near Hradčanská.  It was a pretty good  show.  There was a good crowd, big enough that there were plenty of people willing to take the stage. I only got up once which was just  as well, I had nothing prepared.   There was some comedy, some songs, some comic songs, a poem about cannibalism, a kid with  a funny rhyme, and apparently I missed quite a bit  by coming late.

But, I  want to say a few words about the New York primary.  I hope I wake up tomorrow to the news of a Bernie win, and I am certain if the election were being conducted fairly, I would.  But, it’s not.  There are apparently more than 100,000 voters in Brooklyn alone who’ve been dropped from the voter rolls.  They showed up to vote, as they’ve always done, and “Oopsie, we lost your name.”  There are reports of polling places opening late and voting machines changing Sanders votes to Hillary votes.  That last one is very disconcerting.  I’m sure that’s what happened in Ohio in  2004, which cost Kerry the election.  They even worked it into the plot of ‘Scandal.’  I always suspected that show was based on real life.  There were also the confusing ballots.

It’s a variety of things, like in Arizona.  Hillary will have some kind of plausible deniability for each one, but it looks bad.  It looks real bad.


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