Legitimate Arguments

Some of the Clinton people I know (a rapidly diminishing number, since a fairly mild rejoinder will often get you unfriended) accuse us Sanderistas of  re-using right wing memes against her.  Since it’s just about  the only point they make that I agree with, my blog tonight will list the acceptable, and unacceptable, arguments against her.

Ben Ghazi is not a legitimate argument.  She did nothing inappropriate in the Ben Ghazi situation.

The e-mails.  Come on, you’re going to criticize her for taking work home?  Everybody does it, and most of the stuff that’s classified shouldn’t be classified.

Anything to do with her husband’s affairs.  Hillary’s not the one who had sex with any of those women.
Vince Foster.  She didn’t pull the trigger, she might not even have ordered it.  It was ruled a suicide, and suicides do happen.  Of course, as was implied in “Primary Colors,” an excellent film, he may have committed suicide after realizing what a shit couple he’d dedicated his life to, but that’s just speculation.  Let’s  stick to the facts.
Travelgate, Whitewater, any of that shit.  Let it go.

It is legitimate to criticize her for her Iraq vote, her Patriot Act vote, her support of fracking, offshore drilling and, until the campaign started, the Keystone pipeline.   It is legitimate to criticize her for her huge speaking fees, and who she got them from, and any votes in favor of the corporations which paid those fees.  It is legitimate to criticize her for taking money from private prisons and saying “we need more time to study marijuana.”  That’s bullshit  Studies have been done in Colorado and Washington and legalization  is a huge success, on many fronts.  The only reason  for keeping it illegal is to feed aforesaid private prisons, and that is a really ugly thing to do.  It is legitimate to criticize her for keeping the minimum wage down to 31 cents an hour in Haiti, and supporting the coup in  Honduras.  It is legitimate to criticize her for lying about Sanders’ position on guns and saying that Vermont is responsible for sneaking illegal weapons across the border into New York.  It is legitimate to criticize her for making a super lame racist joke.  It is legitimate to criticize her for using a super pac to troll the internet with spam.  It is legitimate to criticize her for  voter suppression and other dirty, underhanded tactics.
That’s quite a bit.  Oh, and one other argument we shouldn’t use against her was going around facebook today.  Apparently, when she was a practicing lawyer in Arkansas, she defended a man who raped a 12 year old girl, and got it reduced to a lesser charge. He only spent about two months in jail.  She was his  lawyer.  She did her job.
We have enough reasons to hate Hillary without  that.  More than enough.



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