Never Satisfied

There was  a cute,  little story I saw today  about a baby gorilla born at the Prague zoo.  What made the story interesting was that zookeepers hadn’t even realized the mother gorilla, Shinda, 24, was pregnant.  They’d noticed she’d put  on weight, but that was nothing new.  Shinda was known to put on a few pounds now and again and for a while, they’d even had her on a diet.

So, I look in the comment section, and a couple of  self-righteous types were going nuts about the zoo’s negligence, how could they not have known, and then why do we have zoos at all, what  a horrible place.

Well, that’s kind of another argument, but Prague zoo is not a bad zoo, as zoos go, and the gorillas have  plenty of room to wander around in.  Mother and baby are doing fine.  So, chill.

Then, I dared to correct the  grammar in  a post, and it wasn’t one of the  commenters, this was in the headline of a newspaper article they were reposting. (This is How it Looks Like Today)
There was a long stream of comments about grammar Nazis (example:  Fuck Off, Willie Watson) and how much absolutely everyone hates them and not one of them added a smiley face.  It was weird.

Then, I saw an article that said  we’re going overboard with mourning dead celebrities.  I didn’t bother to read that one, but I thought “You fucking asshole, when somebody dies, people mourn.  If they mourn a lot, it’s because the person who died meant a lot to them.  What kind of a heartless lump of a human being are you to suggest that people are mourning too much?

My point here, my connection in all these stories, is that some people are never satisfied.  They quibble over trivialities.  They make a big deal over nothing.  They see something good and it’s not good enough.  They look for a point of weakness, something they can criticize.

Because they are assholes, I guess.


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