The Peril of Overpopulation

The world is  getting more crowded to be sure, we’re up to 7 billion, maybe 7 and a half billion, and we’re going to hit that 10 billion mark soon  if  we don’t wise up.
I do have some ideas for what to do about  it (#1 – look at countries with a falling  birth rate.  Do whatever they do), but that’s not tonight’s  blog.  Tonight’s blog  is just  about me  noticing it today, in my own neighborhood.  Now, part of that is just that it’s a growing neighborhood, but every neighborhood  in this city, it seems, is growing, and Prague is no exception in that regard.

Anyway, my neighborhood, Invalidovna, is generally pretty quiet, laid back, off the beaten  track.  That’s one of the reasons we chose it.  But up until a couple of summers ago, you could walk through the park at any time and barely see a soul.

Anyway, today after work I wanted to smoke a nice, fat joint, because that is how  I like to end my day.  Normally I just go out to the balcony.  But, since we are remodeling the kids’ room, the  balcony has so much junk on it, there is practically no place to stand.  I suppose I could have rearranged a few things and found two spots to plant my feet, but I wouldn’t have been able to move, and it would have been a fire hazard.

So, I decided to go for a walk.  Plenty of quiet spots around here.  Just after I lit up, a car stopped and a guy asked me for directions.  I don’t know if he realized I had a lit joint behind my back.  He was about my age (early 60s) but that’s no indicator any more.  After that, I didn’t actually have to make  contact with anybody, but it seemed like an endless procession of nearly stumbling across mothers with strollers, joggers, elderly couples out  walking and one guy who looked like he was waiting for a ride, but also very much as if he’d like a hit,  but I was almost done by then, and totally paranoid.

It used to be an almost empty neighborhood.  Overpopulation is cramping my style.


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