Maybe a Mistake

The big controversy today was over a guy named Casey Champagne, which I’m pretty sure is not his real name.  He is a Hillary troll who sent kiddie porn to a few different Sanders’ websites and then reported them to Facebook.  Facebook took the sites down, but restored them within a few hours.  So, Facebook might be guilty of being a bit understaffed, or a little bit slow to spot a malicious cyberattack, but  they’re in the clear as far as suppression of free speech or electoral partisanship goes.

How do we know Mr. Champagne did these things?  Because he bragged about them on his own page (his profile picture  is of him with Hillary Clinton, btw, and all his Hillary troll friends were like ‘way to go, dude, awesome, lol.’

Anyway, in a spirit  of solidarity with my  fellow Berners, and a dash of fuck you to pathetic Jimmy O’Keefe wannabe Casey Champagne, I signed up for a few of those sites.  It has helped me through the day, knowing that there are so many  people who view the world  through the same window I do, and so many of them are not giving up.  But, it has a drawback.  After a couple of comments, I went back over to my hotmail, as I do periodically throughout the day.  Usually there are 9 or 10 new messages, maybe 20 or 30 if I’ve left it awhile.  I had 365 messages.  So, quite a few messages got deleted without a thorough reading.

I’ll probably hang with those sites for awhile, just commenting less, and we’ll see how it goes.


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