Friday Diary

Not a bad day at all.  My morning student canceled, which was bad because I enjoy that lesson, but it happens about 50% of the time.  It was O.K. because I used the time fairly productively, got a bit of work done on a longish poem I’m working on and selected a bunch to read at the Alchemy Poetry reading Monday night.

My kids in the afternoon wore me ragged, as always, but there were some very bright, and funny moments.  To start, while I was still getting stuff out of my bag, the kids in my big kids group were assessing the board.  We have the class in a schoolroom, so there’s regular classroom stuff going on.  The one girl who is a notoriously bad reader was sounding out the words.  Admittedly, in Czech, but my feeling is ‘if you can read in Czech, you can read in English.’  It doesn’t necessarily follow, because English words aren’t necessarily pronounced the same way they are spelled (in Czech, they are), but I whipped out a copy of Fox in Socks for the first lesson, and had the kids reading it.  Her energy flagged in the middle, but I was pleased.  She is reading now.

Then, I had them all sitting down on the floor and I was trying to teach a song, and my favorite, little ADD student – seriously, I taught his brother and I also teach  his little sister and they are the most hyper kids I’ve ever met in my life.  Sweet, bright, alert and fun but absolutely impossible to control, I don’t know how their parents manage – wouldn’t sit down.  I’d told him many times, and then I screamed at him.  A couple seconds later, he’s up again, and playing air guitar, which was pretty funny, and he started strutting around the room being a rock star, to my rather tuneless version of “There was an old man named Michael Finnegan…”

In the little kids’ class, the biggest boy was still showing off his cast, but he had that from last week already so he wasn’t getting as many cool points as he thought he deserved, and the smallest boy in the class said “pffft, that’s nothing” and pulled up his shirt -and pulled down his pants – to show me the bandages from his appendectomy.  He was very proud, and the little girls weren’t bothered.

I’m looking forward to the weekend.


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