I’m  kind of a  slow adapter as far as technology is concerned.  It was just a couple of days  ago I created my first meme, and I haven’t known  how to use hashtags for all that long, either.
But I’ve been having  a lot of fun with  this one today.  I thought the  reaction  from camp Hillary was hilarious, saying “Only a  female candidate would be asked  to drop out” and I found it funny because Hillary supporters have been hounding  us to drop out for months now.  So, I hope this  keeps trending, I hope  millions of people  join in.  I’ve heard  we’re  over  400,000, which I guess  is a lot.  Again, I don’t really know how  these  things are measured, but, knowing people, I’m guessing things related  to cats, or  Justin Bieber, probably  also get hundreds of  thousands of participants.

I wrote a little poem with it,  and posted each  line  separately.  Like this:

Trump’s got the nomination #DropOutHillary

Trump is an abomination #DropOutHillary
If Hillary runs, she just might lose #DropOutHillary

Sanders is who we should choose #DropOutHillary

and my idea was to have them one below the other, so  people would  read each line individually, but in succession, like the old  Burma Shave  signs.
But, it seems things  go in in reverse order, and there are a lot of people tweeting in between, so they  probably got  read singly, if at  all, and just looked kind of stupid.  I hate that.

Still, memes, hashtags, I’m  making progress.


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