We were  arguing  about that case in Arkansas that’s been  going around the internet  lately, that happened back when Hillary was an attorney in Arkansas, when she represented a guy who was accused of raping a 12 year old girl.  First of all (and I did say this in the comments section as well), First of all I think this is a bogus argument  for we Berners.  We’ve got her dead to rights on corruption, war mongering, anti-environmentalism and election rigging, we should stick with that.  After all, as a lawyer, she was just doing her job.  She didn’t rape that little girl.

But, I also said I thought maybe the fact that she got the guy off was due mostly to the fact that she was the Attorney  General’s wife, and maybe the prosecutors ‘lost’ that cut out piece of the gentleman’s underwear accidentally/on purpose, because maybe he  was wealthy and/or somehow politically connected.  I didn’t say I had proof.  I said it could be.

Well, the self-appointed lawyer of the thread started raging about  how I had no proof and it wasn’t right to just make stuff up.

Well, screw you, lawyer dude.  It’s facebook, it’s not a court of law, and people are allowed as many “sounds like to me”s as they like.

For instance, I just read an  article saying that the only race that doesn’t have any Neanderthal DNA is the black race, and my first thought was “Aha, maybe the lightening of the skin wasn’t over the course of thousands of years, due to the greater solar absorption of pale skin leading to greater surviveability in less sunny climates, but maybe it happened in a single generation, just from a bit of inter-racial rumpty bumpty.”  (I really don’t see how Neanderthals can be considered a separate species, if we were able to interbreed, and not with impotent offspring like mules.  That makes them no more than a different race)

It’s speculation.  I’m not an anthropologist.  I’m just one guy in the conversation, who has a different idea.

When somebody invents something, I speculate about  how it could be used and misused, I’m constantly speculating about aliens and how likely we are or aren’t to meet them, and whenever I see a video of somebody going crazy in a fast food restaurant or shooting themselves in the leg I speculate about what drugs they are on.

And when there’s a court case?  Hoo-boy, I ain’t the only one speculating.


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