Midnight in Prague and certainly not going to stay  awake for the results from West Virginia, but  fingers crossed.

I did a bit of work on my next poetry book today, which I’d originally thought I’d call “A Search for Enlightenment” because that’s sort of what writing poetry is about for me, no mantras, no organized meditation, no gurus, the  way I see it everybody has to find their own  path because if it isn’t your own path then how can  you find your own truth at the end of it, but then I decided to call it ‘Geology’ after one very short poem, this one:

The story of the Earth is told
in lithic letters, big and bold
every pile of rocks we see:

which speaks to another concept, which I’ve tried to write about many times, which is that the truth of the universe is actually written in the current of the streams, the leaves of the trees, and the rocks.  It’s like a different, primeval language.
Then I thought I might call it ‘The Written World’ after one of the much longer poems, but nah, for some reason I like the name ‘Geology.’

What I was doing today though, was just taking the list of poems I’ve got saved and arranging them, the longer ones one to a page (there are only two or three which are more than one page) and the shorter ones three to a page, which I think should give the book a nice, structured, yet uncluttered look.
I’m about halfway  through the task, but I’m coming up short.  I might need to still write a dozen or so poems to flesh it out.  If so, that’s what I’ll do.


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