New Construction

It’s not Bernie Sanders all the time on my Facebook page, although  that’s the vast majority  of my posts and those  I actually respond to.  Weddings, births, birthdays, promotions, life events, get the like button.  A Bernie comment, especially an anti-Bernie comment, will bring a tirade.

But, I  do get people posting other stuff, little reminders that life goes on  outside of politics.  A friend (who also lives in Prague) just made the comment (which people who live here make frequently) that the constant construction  of  the tram lines probably has more to do  with guaranteeing employment  than their actually needing replacement.  I’m sure it’s true,  but….



Not actually my neighborhood, but this is what it will look like

They started  tearing  up the tram lines in our  neighborhood two, maybe three months ago, and I assumed that  was the  deal.  Now that they are  near  completion, I see what the plan was.  Between the rails, and a bit to either side, they’ve laid  down sod, creating a lovely, green median  strip.  There are many other neighborhoods in  Prague that  have this and I think it’s lovely.

When no tram is coming, it’s a long, green lawn.  When the trams are rolling across it, they are rolling through the grass, it almost looks like they are floating.  In this fairy  tale city of castles and ornate, ancient buildings, it fits  right  in.  As if to say, when a fairy tale city adopts modernity, it doesn’t need to lose it’s fairy  tale personality.  Trams can roll across grass.
So, I’m not bothered by the months of inconvenience.  We’re right on a  Metro  line, so it hasn’t mattered much  anyway and  the improvement to the neighborhood is worth it.

My son, however, says he’s still angry about the disruption.  What does he know?  He’s 13 and his idea of classy  urban  architecture is a football stadium.


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