Julie and Julia

Just watched Julie and Julia which I quite enjoyed, although the kids were totally bored and went into their (newly redesigned) bedroom to play with their phones and Helena, despite the fact that it was much more a girl’s movie than a guy movie, kept nodding off.

Sure, Meryl Streep was brilliant as Julia Child, but the film was much more than that – in fact, that was precisely half of it.  It was really the story of a blogger who was kind of obsessed with Julia Child, not in a delusional, deranged sense, quite…she could joke about her obsession and her friend’s put up with her obsession (of course, they were getting a gourmet dining experience for free), but she  did have friends and was basically a normal person, she wasn’t walking around in a fantasy world or anything.

I found it interesting as the story of a blogger.  Of course, she was a very successful blogger, which I am not, and she was totally focused on one topic, although perhaps with asides about life in general,  whereas I usually talk about politics, which bores most people, or poetry, which bores an even greater percentage.

In fact, I feel a bit guilty tonight because I’m not writing more about the travesty in Nevada, but I wrote about that last night and my only addition today is that Hillary supporters don’t seem to give a shit that the election is rigged, which is pretty depressing.  I might write more on this topic in a couple of days.

Anyway, I enjoyed the film. I like biopics of famous people, to see how they made it to the top, but with this split story technique there is a certain trajectory events are expected to follow.  So, it was expected as a grand finale that she would meet Julia Child.  That did not happen.
Because it was a film based on real life.  I like it  that they left it real.


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