Big Time Cheating in Vegas

When Bernie says he’s going to fight for every vote, for every delegate, he means he is going to speak, and try to persuade people, and legitimate stuff like that.

Hillary Clinton is apparently prepared to cheat for every delegate.  The huge amount of voter disenfranchisement in New York and Arizona did not satisfy her.  Rigging the machines in Delaware and Illinois was not enough.  Sending out her increasingly pathetic excuse for a husband to block polling places in Massachusetts was not enough for her.

There is some serious shit going down right now, as I write, at the state democratic convention in Las Vegas.  I’m not 100% clear on the details because, as I said, it’s happening right now, but here is how I understand  it.  Sanders delegates were kept outside of the main arena and a vote on the rules occurred before they were in.  When they got in they called bullshit and demanded a revote.  The state chairwoman, a mean looking piece of work, defiant like Dolores Umbridge, called for a voice vote.  Despite the fact that the Sanders vote was just obviously way, way louder and longer, she ruled for Hillary.

I’m not sure if it was one or two delegates that were at stake, or 10 or 20, or all of them, but it’s blatant and it’s disgusting and the Sanders delegates are pissed.  Calls have gone out for demonstrators, volunteers are trying to bring in pizzas for the Sanders delegates, encouraging them not to go home, and the pizza delivery people are not being allowed into the convention hall.

I urge everybody to keep abreast of this story, and I would like to encourage my Clinton supporting friends to watch this video.


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