The Lies of the New York Times

I’ve got my fingers crossed for big  Bernie wins in Oregon and Kentucky.  Meantime, I want  to vent a bit more about the shit that  went  down in Vegas.

The news  coverage is  ridiculous.  I just  watched a thing on the primaries on CNN (CNN Europe, but still)  They talked a lot  about Trump and then they said “And now, on the Democratic side…” and the female  announcer turned and said to the male announcer “Wait a minute, before we get to that, I think we should talk about this hard-hitting new Clinton ad (it  was nothing special, just some of the horrible things Trump’s said about women) and they never actually did cover the Hillary-Sander’s race.  In fact, they did not  mention  Bernie Sanders at  all.  They also didn’t mention the convention in Vegas at all.

Then, I just read the New York Times article on the event, which not only didn’t report it honestly, they reported it pretty much the opposite of honestly.  They reported a story that did not happen.  They quoted Roberta Lange, the  woman who claimed no was yes despite clear audiotape to the contrary, gavelled the convention to a close despite the  rules, and stole about a dozen delegate seats.  She said they had to end the convention early because they were fearful for their safety.  Bullshit.  They closed it down early so they could  steal the votes.

The direct lying, and the denial of Sanders’ existence on the part  of American media is the scariest part of this election, and the greatest reason why I’m not  voting for her no matter what.  A vote for Hillary is a vote the  Democracy doesn’t apply any more.

Then, I’ve been trying all day to post Bernie memes, but can’t access the site.  That may be a conspiracy on the part of the internet people, but it could  also just be because my computer’s too damned slow.



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