The Power of the Sun

The Sun is a shining light and it’s been powering the Earth since before human kind existed.  We evolved within it’s nurturing light.  It caused the trees to grow, whose leaves transformed the atmosphere into one we could breathe.  Before electricity, even before James Watt ever made an engine run on steam, solar power was running the economy.  It made the plants grow, and without them, we would have starved.



They Might Be Giants

It’s only for the last hundred and fifty or so years that we’ve even used oil very much.  So, it was with great pleasure that I saw an article today saying that for the last four days, Portugal has been 100% powered by solar energy.  I’m sure people are still driving their cars, but homes, houses, offices, factories, shops and everything on the national power grid was running on solar.

Yes, Portugal’s a sunny country and this is May, but it also happened in Germany recently, and there’ve been days like that in Denmark as well.  They both use solar quite a bit, but wind even more so.  Drive through Germany and Denmark and you see windmills everywhere.  They look kind of cool.  They look like giants.

So, when I contemplate the wretched state of world politics, American politics especially, and it’s just too fucking depressing for words, I tell myself this:  oil is almost dead.  This 150 year interregnum of pumping carbon into the air is almost over, no matter how much they bribe the politicians.




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