Mr. Ed’s Man’s Dead

RIP Alan Young.  Of course, he was 96, and he hasn’t really  been a famous actor for a long time, but he was Wilbur Post on Mr. Ed and even though I was probably 6 or 7 when it went off the air, the theme song has remained in my head for life.

But, due to the miracles of modern technology, I could watch an episode today.  Couldn’t do that back then.  There was a joke  when Wilbur took Ed’s television away (because Ed wouldn’t clean up his stall) and he said “Don’t worry, you can watch it on the summer repeats.”

mr. ed

Alan Young with Mr. Ed

The thing is, though, it was really, really bad.  This show was on the air for years, and it was popular and, outside of the horse being able to talk, which was about as relevant to the plot as the flying nun being able to fly, it was a skit filled with one liners about men wanting their dinner ready  on time,women loving to shop for new dresses, everybody going gaga over celebrities, and other cliches.

I just don’t understand the nostalgia for the 50s.  The 50s were lame.

Nonetheless, RIP Alan  Young.

A funny thing happened at Sam’s football game today.  A ball went over the fence and, when I saw that nobody else was going after it, I decided to go get it.  I’d seen where it rolled into the grass.  But, I scoured that patch of tall grass, it wasn’t that big, and there was trimmer grass all around, would have seen it there, so it seemed to have disappeared.  Since nobody  else  was paying  attention no big deal, but it mystified me.  Then I noticed a path leading off down into the woods, and thought maybe thae ball had bounced back and rolled down so I decided to walk down a bit.  Well, it was a lovely, little wood, you find  these ignored little patches throughout Prague.  Not entirely ignored, of course, there was the obligatory derelict shopping cart.  Homeless have to live somewhere.  I could hear music, so walked to the bottom of the street and it looked like a lovely, little, residential neighborhood, just through the woods from the football stadium and I  thought, this would be a nice neighborhood to live in, and then I walked back up.  Just as I got to the top of the path, another ball sailed over the fence and  this time I was right there.
Then I thought, what if there was no first ball, what if I’d just had a premonition of the future and that had led me down that path, kind of a five minute time travel thing, and then I thought “Nah,  man, you’re just stoned.”  But, it  was a pleasant thought.


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