Dealing With Trolls

If opinions  that you state, are routinely disregarded
You should consider the possibility, that you are retarded

That was my rhyming zinger which I had all loaded up and ready to go against a particularly vile troll who was hanging out at my poetry web site.   (my in the sense of ‘where I go to participate’ like one might say ‘my  bar’ or ‘my supermarket,’ not to be confused with a claim of ownership)

He was coming on saying things like “Your poetry sucks,” to someone whose poetry doesn’t suck at all, as a matter of fact, which by itself shows a bit of originality compared to most of the unintelligible shite out there in the written world.

Some people explained to him (the troll), calmly and logically, why he was being a pathetic, little shitweasel.  Others just called him a pathetic, little shitweasel.  He just fired back with ‘Loser Liberals,’ and series of stupid memes, and “I’ll keep posting because I can” which sounds to me like a really stupid thing to be proud of.

You can put a pickle up your ass if you want, but it would  be a dumb thing to brag about, both because the action has no beneficial effect to anyone who is not the picklebutt person (even that is questionable), and because it takes no particular skill to put a pickle up your butt.  It’s just an unusual thing to want to do.

So, I spent a bit of time thinking about what to do with trolls like that.  Do you ban them entirely, or try to reason with them.  If B, do you take a confrontational or conciliatory tone?

I went back to the thread to post this little bit of doggerel you see at the top of today’s blog and the whole thread had been scrubbed.  Maybe the admin had the right of this one.


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