The 31,000

It seems there will not be a Sanders/Trump debate after all.  Tough guy Donald Trump is weaseling out of it.

Here’s my theory:  Trump said on the Jimmy Kimmel show he’d debate Bernie Sanders.  Then he  said, less than  24 hours  later, that it would be ‘inappropriate,’ which is a very  big word.  I believe he was being sincere when he was on the show.  As sincere as Donald Trump ever is, anyway.  In the sense that it  sounded like  a good idea, so he said sure.

So, somewhere between the program, and  very shortly afterward, somebody talked to  Donald Trump and said, no, don’t debate Bernie Sanders.  So he said sure.

The question  is no longer  “Who is Donald Trump?,” but  rather “Who is giving  Donald Trump orders?”  How’s that for a scary thought?

Meanwhile, in the real race which  currently matters, the latest controversy over Hillary’s e-mails is still big news.  We’ll see if, like all other news of Hillary, it just fades away after one news  cycle, or if this is the crippling blow.  I mean,it comes from the State Department, which she was the leader of, and they’re saying that  what she  was doing was neither routine nor allowed.

Here’s how  I  feel about that:  31,000 is a hell of a lot of e-mails to lose,  especially since so many are  likely to assume that you have something to hide, and it’s clear that whatever was in those e-mails was more damaging than allowing  that perception would be.  Who were they all to?  Might it not be possible  to retrieve some of those by examining (with proper subpoenas,  of course) the  e-mail histories of Monsanto, and Goldman Sachs, all her  wealthy donors, lobbyists for private prisons, the  Saudi king’s American accountant, and so on, and see  if  any of them have a few  hundred e mails going  back and forth at key dates.


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  1. Russell Watson

    Wow! Not much of a fan of the 4th amendment I see. Be careful when you hope Big Brother does his snooping only on your behalf.

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