Bernie by Default

It was a funny old day in politics.  I woke up to the news that Donald Trump had agreed (on the Jimmy Kimmel show) to debate Bernie, and Bernie had responded on Twitter, “Game on.” Because Bernie is just that cool.

My initial thought, I must confess, was ‘Good for Jimmy Kimmel!’  I remember he started his talk show about the same time as Jimmy Fallon, and in the beginning I got them confused a lot, because they’re both named Jimmy.  Also, I put them in the same category, i.e. talk show hosts who are not impossible to watch but, seriously, pretty lame heirs to Letterman and O’Brien.  As time wore on, I liked Fallon more and more and Kimmel less and less, but that’s neither here or there.  He scored a coup with the debate, and it could have been a career high point, and I was happy for him.

I also felt the debate would be good for Bernie, because the symbolism of absent Hillary would have been just too delicious.

But, Donald Trump is making excuses now, and it probably won’t happen.  Everybody’s afraid to debate Bernie.  As the only one willing to debate, Bernie shows, once again, that he is a stand up sort of guy.  A mensch, as the Jews say.

Donald Trump is not a mensch.  He is a gibbering shitweasel.  Hillary Clinton is not a mensch.  She  knows she’s been  cheating.  She knows that the OIG’s report on her e-mails  is seriously damaging but, as long as she  refuses to debate or talk about anything of substance, it’ll blow  over and people will find something else to complain about.


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