The Cheating Continues

I’m just checking through my notifications, which has become a time consuming process because either Facebook or Hotmail has decided to mess with me for no reason, and I no longer get all the notifications of facebook comments in my inbox.  They go to junk mail, so I have to retrieve them from there, and then go through the list.

Anyway, as I’m doing that, and getting into occasional arguments with Hillary people who see nothing at all wrong with the idea that Puerto Rico suddenly decided to cut the number of polling places for their upcoming primary – by more than half, one saying “Well, maybe they had budget problems, did you ever think of that?,” I’m also half listening to a documentary on NASA and I hear the radio guy speaking to the astronauts and I hear the announcer saying “O.K., go for the burn.”  It could be an omen, it could be a coincidence (hint: it’s a coincidence) but, nonetheless, it made me feel good.

I don’t know what it will take to convince these people that their candidate is a deceitful wretch who cares more about winning than she does about democracy,  honesty, or the good of the Democratic party.

I’ll keep trying, though.


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