The Death of Harambe

I’ve got mixed feelings about the gorilla that was shot at the Cincinatti zoo because a four year old had wandered into the enclosure.


He was treating the child very gently

I like gorillas, I like it that there is an  animal so much like us, and I think that human/gorilla communication will continue to evolve until one day, one smart gorilla will have enough sign language to say “WTF!  This is a fucking zoo!  How would you like it if we kept your twiggy ass in a zoo?”

And, according to most eye-witnesses, the gorilla was actually being protective of the child, and helpful.  Then, boom, he was shot dead.  His name was Harambe.  He was 17 years old.

I don’t blame the parents.  Well, maybe a little bit, but I can’t say my two never got out of my sight, never gave us a scare.  They  never fell into the gorilla pen at the  zoo, though.  Touch  wood.

I blame the zoo a little bit.  Not for the decision to fire, although that may have been a bit hasty as well.  It did happen in Cincinnati.  Maybe the zookeepers mistook Harambe for a 12 year old black child.

No, I mean for not having a fence that would keep 4 year olds out.  The zookeeper, quite glibly, said “Do you know any 4 year olds?  They can climb over anything.”

Do you know, sir, that a lot of people visiting your zoo are 4 year olds and it’s kind of your job to maintain a fence they can’t get over?
You can’t blame the child, who was just  being naturally curious.  You can’t blame Harambe, he did nothing aggressive.

I guess there’s no point in  blaming anybody.  But, it’s a tragedy.  RIP, Harambe.


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