Stayin’ Alive

I just watched the last bit of some survival show on TV, it might  have  been Naked and Afraid.  They were  both wearing enough clothes to cover their naughty bits but, like I said,  I tuned in a bit late.


Seriously. This guy. Walking around that damned, snake infested jungle barefoot.

I like these shows  a lot.  My favorite is the one  with  the  Hippie dude who goes everywhere  barefoot, which is a little bit  insane, but very impressive,  too.

Of course, you have to keep in  mind the  difference between  reality TV and actual reality.  You see these people  talking about how they could starve if they don’t find food, or how they could be eaten by animals if they sleep in the  wrong spot, or how, oh, how are they going  to make their  way down this solid  rock face to the beach, but you know the camera crew has some sandwiches in the van, probably a high powered rifle in case the bear actually gets too close, and no matter how  steep that cliff face, they’ve got to climb down it right behind the stars, so they can get that shot.

That’s not to take away from the survivalists.  I   admire what they’re doing, as they eat bugs, make fire and build shelters.  I enjoy the beautiful  scenery, but I don’t have to go hungry.  I watch them lance blisters on their swollen feet, but I  don’t feel the pain.
I guess what  I’m saying is that I enjoy these shows not because I’m a particularly adventurous type – I’m not – but because I can sit back on my couch, after a big meal, light  up a big, fat joint and be glad I’m NOT there.


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