Bill Clinton Caught Accepting Bribe

This is the kind of thing that  once, not  so long ago, would have ended a political career.  Now, who the hell knows.  People seem to accept almost any  level of corruption.

The story is that Bill Clinton took $500,000 from Algeria while his wife was Secretary of State, shortly before she approved selling a whole bunch of weapons to them, including some chemical weapons, i.e. weapons of mass destruction.

As is often the case with Bill Clinton, his explanation is hysterical.  He didn’t deny that he got $500,000, and he didn’t deny the Algerians were trying to negotiate a weapons deal at the time.  What he said was “Those two facts are accurate but if you put them back-to-back they are incredibly misleading. Here’s why: I never considered that the Algerians gave me the money.”

What does that mean?  That he  never considered it, because he’s just so used to people giving him half a million dollars?  Maybe he’s saying he didn’t know they were Algerian.  “Hey, I thought they were Greek.  Honest mistake.”

To be fair, he  goes on to explain that the money was to be turned over to the Clinton foundation and used for rebuilding Haiti, but there are a few things that make that hard to believe as well.  A.  If everybody who says they donated money to Haiti had actually donated money to Haiti, Haiti would be doing real well by now.  Haiti is  not.  B.  If the Clinton’s truly wanted to help Haiti,  why did Hillary fight so hard to keep their minimum wage down to under  50 cents an hour? C. If the Saudis were being  great philanthropists (not usually the way we think of them), they could have just sent money to Haiti themselves.

I doubt Bill Clinton will actually do time for this, he’s an ex-president, after all, but I sure would be happy if it wrecks his wife’s chances at the presidency.  Because they are a family of crooks.



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