TheRise of the Machines

I must say, for having lived in the country  for 18 years, my Czech  sucks.  Oh, I can make myself understood O.K.  in a one on one situation, I can give classroom instructions to my 4 year old students, but if  two Czech people are talking together at speed, I lose the thread rather quickly.  I don’t usually  make much effort  to watch  Czech TV movies or TV shows, either, because the effort is not justified  by  the reward – usually.
But I’m finding recently that I can handle films without much  challenging dialog – for instance, action adventures.  I’m watching  Terminator 3 right now.  Of course, it is not as good as the original, back when Arnold Schwarzenegger was the villain, as he should be.  But it’s better than #2.

Actually, the foreign language dialog filter may be working to my advantage.  The basic idea you  can get.  “Where is John Connor?”  “He’s inside, locked up in a cage,” is not too complicated.  And I don’t  focus too much on  the conversation and just enjoy watching stuff get blown up.

A couple of note on the election:  Bernie doesn’t need to hire anybody to write or  produce new ads.  Every one of his Senate speeches is a golden moment.  This example of his putting  Alan Greenspan in his place, for instance:

The voting has barely begun in Puerto Rico, and there is already  evidence of fraud.  I mean, above and beyond closing 2/3rds  of the polling stations.  They are stalling the certification  of  Sanders election  observers.  Hillary’s people, of course,  were certified  right away.  For those Hillary people who are going to say “You always say there’s fraud when he loses,” here, I am saying fraud right now, win or lose.  You may think you are getting away with it, but you are not.


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