The Rise of the Kraken

I don’t think it’s got a lot  of news coverage but, then again, neither does Bernie Sanders.  That does not mean it is insignificant.

Cephalopods – Octopi,Squids  and Cuttlefish – are having a population explosion.  With the numbers of pretty much every  other species in the  ocean falling due to global warming, overfishing and who knows what  all, our tentacled friends are  thriving.



My guess is that there are fewer fish  to  feed on baby octopi and, since octopi lay about  100,000 eggs at  a time, this is a huge difference.

The possibility for a science  fiction  film is incredible.  Soon, there will be so  many that the oceans can’t hold them.  With eight legs they will have little trouble learning to walk on  land, smoke cigarettes and operate machinery.

The part about this  that  really scares me,  though, is something I learned on Discovery Channel the other day.  When life began on Earth a few billion years  ago, Earth did not  have an oxygen  atmosphere.  Basically, the overpopulation of tiny, little creatures absorbing whatever it was they had then and excreting oxygen led to their extinction and the rise of life as we know it.

Theoretically, people, who can walk on two legs, write books,  and theorize about the origins of the universe, should be better equipped to deal with climate change then  a bunch of mindless amoeba-algae creatures.  But, maybe not.

Maybe the  octopi will inherit the Earth.


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