June Alchemy

I just came back from my monthly poetry reading, the Alchemy Sessions, and it was good.  It was also, unfortunately, the last one before breaking for the summer.  That’s been the case for  many years.

I used to find that quite irritating, because it’s been my main poetry outlet and I don’t see any reason people can’t continue to write, and appreciate poetry.  But, people go on vacation, and have lots of other activities, and it’s hard to keep the numbers up, so I get it.

Now, my main poetry outlet is the internet.  Still, I’ll miss Alchemy for the next couple of months.

It went out with style.  The  featured act was a kid, maybe 17 or 18, who played guitar and wrote songs, some very sweet songs, sort of like Jason Mraz or George Ezra or somebody like that.

Lots of good poets in the  open  mike section, a bit of classical guitar, a rapper, the usual mix.

One thing that struck me, and I talked with the Host about this, it was almost all new people.  Only 3 of us present were regulars.  This could be good.  If they  continue to come, it’s a new wave, and  that could make things very  interesting.


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