The Media Lies

It was quite distressing to read this morning that AP, followed by the rest of the mainstream media, have called the race for Hillary Clinton, despite the clear and evident fact that the race is not over.

Today is a big day.  It’s midnight in Prague and I’m not staying up.  My fingers are crossed for a miracle.  What I’m hearing, from many people in California, is that independents are being handed provisional ballots, and that poll workers are pretending to not be able to find people’s names, and other bullshit like that.  A lot of them (those I’ve been hearing from) have stayed and argued it out until they got to vote, but undoubtedly the forces of evil have succeeded in other cases.

If Hillary wins, I will assume she would have lost (No Sanders poll workers have denied Hillary people their right to vote.  Ever. Throughout this whole campaign, that possibility has not even been raised.)  If Sanders wins with 52%, I will assume it should have been 64%. If he wins by 62%, I will assume it should have been 74%.

After June 14th (the DC primary), we will enter into the lawsuits and final arguments of the campaign.  This isn’t over.  This is far from over.  The media has crossed the line, and tried to create the reality they want by reporting on it in advance.  We cannot accept that.

There has been a lot of talk about what Sanders supporters should do after this is all over, and most of the people I’m in contact with agree that Sanders supporters should stick together and continue to function as a movement.  I agree with that.
Today highlights the fact that one of the things that movement will need is a medium  of it’s own.  A newspaper, an online newspaper, maybe a TV station.  Air America may have flopped, but the experiment could be tried again.

Because we know now, with absolute clarity, that the media we have now is against us.


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