All’s Well That Ends Well

All’s well that ends well, as we say in English.  I’m fairly certain, from my limited knowledge of foreign languages, that there are similar expressions in most languages.  There are thousands of languages on Earth, and no one knows more than a handful of them, but it’s a true sentiment in  human experience, and applies to a nomad in the desert as well as to a billionaire wheeler-dealer.  All’s well that  ends well.

I left the flat a little bit early for my back to back children’s lessons in Kbely.  When I was already on the Metro, I realized that I had left my phone and my glasses at home.  I thought about it for a minute.  The phone was not critical, we are too addicted to our phones.  I wasn’t expecting anybody to call, there was no need for me to call anybody.  Glasses were a bit more disturbing.  But, what the hell.  I figured with the big kids group, most of them can read and I can hand off the responsibility, and the younger kids don’t like story time that much any way.  So, something more active for them.
While I was thinking about it, I overshot Florenc by two stations, and had to cross the platform and go back.  It was still O.K., I wasn’t late.

But, as I got to the school, and saw none of my students out front waiting for me, I remembered they’d told me that I only had one class that day, which meant I had an hour to kill in Kbely.  Not a big problem, there’s a lovely park to wander through, and look at the ducks.  Then one of the big students came.  I had forgotten the cancellation, she apparently had not gotten the message.

So, I had a lesson for one student.  I’m sure she was not happy about it, but she’s a very sweet girl and we had a good, intensive one-on-one lesson.  Then the little kids came and they weren’t quite as insane as usual. I found plenty to do with them that didn’t involve reading.

All’s well that ends well.  Good night.


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