I wrote a little poem today which made me feel good.  Actually, I wrote a few little poems today, which is the way I do it any more, I write flippant little poems in the comments section and oversimplify subjects and make humorous commentaries that rhyme about subjects people are taking too seriously and it doesn’t always play well.  So, today there were a couple of those, one slightly longer one on the subject of grammar (dived and shined vs. dove and shone), but only one that made me feel good.

It was a poem about a building I walked by this morning with my daughter, on our way to my son’s football game (they lost, 6-4, but I was surprised it wasn’t by much more, to tell the truth).  It was raining, just a little bit, but quite a warm day for all that.  The building had very lush, but unkempt, gardens in front of it, and a very old, spiky, rusted fence.

“Beautiful garden, ugly fence” I said, and realized I had a poem.  Well, it was several hours, a meal, a nap, and a Discovery Channel program about veterinarians in South Africa before I finished it, but here it is.  You may like it, you may not, but it made me happy.

Notes on a Building I walked Past this Morning

The building has seen better days,
it is neglected, you could say
But there’s a fence around it,
so it is protected, in a way
a line of rusted metal spikes,
and more than just a few
stand like drunken soldiers,
falling over and askew
There is a jungle of flowers,
growing wild and intense
there is quite a beautiful garden,
behind that ugly fence
Each flower gets its share of sun,
and nutrients from the ground
and the raindrops spread their blessings
fairly, evenly around
Each plant takes only what it needs
there’s no pre-judgment there
who’s a flower, who’s a weed?
They do not seem to care
It doesn’t seem like the gardener
has been there for a while
but that just adds to the beauty
that just adds to the style
Although the fence is falling down
and the landlord doesn’t care
Every year, a brilliant crop
of flowers blossoms there
There’s a spirit of renewal
it’s the world’s eternal way
Life on Earth is fine
but civilization’s in decay


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