Alice in Action Adventure Land

Helena had some cinema tickets she’d got a discount for, but they were of the must use by a given date variety, and that was today.  So, use  it or lose it, have to get your money’s worth, we went to the cinema.


The need to stay kid friendly does limit your options a bit, but I like kid’s movies so that is not a problem at all.  We went to see Alice Through the Looking Glass, the Johnny Depp version.  The Johnny Depp version, so everybody will know what I mean, but Mia Wasikowska was Alice and she was definitely the star, Depp was in fewer than half the scenes, but he and Helena Bonham Carter had the cool make-up, and that was about all this movie had going for it.

We hadn’t seen the one that this is a sequel to, so it rather took me by  surprise how little this had to do with anything in the book.  Alice was in her 20s, and there was a time travel plot (Time was a major character.  I sure don’t remember him from the books) and they had back stories about the Mad Hatter’s childhood issues, and why the Queen of Hearts wants to chop everybody’s head off.  These are not  characters whose backstories I wanted to know.

Basically, they took a children’s fantasy and turned it into an action adventure.

It was nice to go with the kids to a movie on a Sunday afternoon and afterwards we went to McDonald’s, and as much as I was critical of the movie, everybody else enjoyed it, so it was a good day.

But I don’t recommend it.  As far as great films go, this was not one.


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