More on Hillary’s Damned e-Mails

I really hope this latest Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal is enough to bring her down, because it certainly should.  To clarify, I mean the Guccifer thing, with the e-mails that prove that the Democratic National Committee, which was formerly headed by Medusa, had decided on Hillary as the nominee before the primaries even began, and had no intention whatsoever of conducting a fair election.  Not the 31,000 missing e-mails scandal.  The woman is so corrupt she’s got more than one e-mail scandal going on -at once.
One line from the e-mail I think isn’t quite getting the attention it deserves is this: ‘Use specific hits to muddy the waters around ethics, transparency and campaign finance attacks on HRC.’”

To muddy the waters.  This was her official campaign policy.  To muddy the waters around transparency.  Which is to make them not transparent.  And once transparency is gone, she can go ahead and be as unethical as she wants, and have any crooked campaign financing she likes.
This should be the point where everybody turns on her, this is the scene in Election when they found the ballots in the wastepaper basket, but I don’t seem to be hearing any recognition of it even from my Hillary friends.  It’s as if Mr. Smith went to Washington and gave that great speech and everybody just said “Yeah, whatever” and they went ahead and let the developers build the dam and flood the scout’s camp, or whatever it was.
Really, this is some anti-democratic shit.  It should not be allowed to pass.


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