The Days

I do not like these ‘days.’  You know, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day.  They make me feel like an insensitive human being, like a less than adequate son, husband, father, etc…because to me it feels a lot like every other day.  If not for the fact that every single person on facebook seems obligated to weigh in on it, I would fail to notice these days at all.

I do enjoy being a father, though.  It gives a bit of importance to my existence.  Oh, I suppose the teaching is important, and I’m pleased with the books I’ve written, even though  almost nobody has read them, but being a Dad actually makes me sort of irreplaceable in the long chain of generations.  So, it’s cool.

I went to a football game of Sam’s this afternoon.  Not always my favorite pastime, especially when they’re at their home field.  The problem is, they have two football fields side by side, and most of the time they play on the one without bleachers, so the handful of  parents and others who come to watch have to stand, leaning on the fence, with no shade at all, and watch the game.  On a hot day, it’s hellish.
Today, I was very relieved to see, they were playing on the field with the bleachers.  It even has half a roof, so you’re covered.  Also, it was a cool, cloud covered, intermittently raining afternoon.  Quite pleasant.  I sat and watched the distant clouds with the streaky curtains of rain hanging down in the distance.  It caught up with us on the way home, but not too bad.

Today is father’s day, but also Juneteenth, a holiday which doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.  On this day in 1865, a full two months after the end of the Civil War, Union Troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, and told the slaves there they were free.  Of course, they’d been free for a while, but no white person had told them about it.
Maybe we need a few more holidays like that.  Holidays to remind us how messed up the human race truly is.


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