European Cup

Well, just got back from watching a football game.  Not my choice.  My first instinct,when Sam asked if he  could go there with  his friends, was to say no.  You can’t stay out till 11 on a school night, we don’t want you out that late at all without an adult, and you’re too  obsessed with football,anyway.

But Helena said “Well, why don’t you go  with him, and  it’s not much of a school night,  the year’s  almost over, their grades are fixed, and we’re down to the last week and a half or so, which is all fooling  around.”  Once Helena weighs in, I know I’ve lost the argument.

It was kind of  an interesting atmosphere, I must admit.  They had a stage and a big screen TV set up in  a park by the river, and there were plenty of places  around selling  food, and other attractions, it was like a fair.  From the stage there  were giveaways, they  were kicking footballs  into  the crowd, a kid standing right next to me caught  one.
The screen was big  and high definition enough, you could see the  details of the game very clearly, (European Cup Football, live from Paris, Czech Republic v. Turkey)and it was kind of a bloody game, lots of head butting, a few points where the blood was flowing.

We lost, 0-2, which means we’re not advancing from the  group.  On the one hand, that’s a bummer.  On the other, I won’t have to attend any more football games for  a while.


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