So Much Crap on TV

Right now I’m watching a true stories about ghosts program, and they’re talking about how they knew their house was haunted because their rabbits were always scared and running and hiding.  Come on, do these people not realize that’s just what rabbits do – Oh, wait, shit, Thumper died!?  Romeo, too??  O.K., maybe I shouldn’t be laughing at these people.

I love watching shows about alien encounters but there’s one I watch sometimes and it’s a team of ‘experts,’ i.e. true believers.  It’s just ridiculous what evidence they accept.

I still like Animal Planet sometimes, but damn, there are other animals besides alligators, and the most interesting aspect of alligators is the alligators, not the dumbass rednecks who trap them and get them out of people’s swimming pools.
Also, I’m a bit tired of watching people fishing.  You can call it ‘River Monsters’ or ‘Deadliest Catch’ it is still just programs about people fishing.
Discovery does that a lot, too.  Shows about people driving trucks, or cutting down trees, or mining for gold, and talking like total dumbass rednecks the whole time.  Even sometimes with a supposed science program, it’s got to be narrated by a couple of dudes saying Har har har, we may have PhD.’s, but we’re really just dumb rednecks who like blowing shit up.

Why? Why?  Why do we have this universal compulsion to listen to people who talk like morons?  I don’t really know.  That’s why I’m asking.


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One response to “So Much Crap on TV

  1. Russell Watson

    I suspect the problem is that you’re choosing to watch those shows. I feel we’re actually in a golden age of television and programming has never offered more or better options than I have right now. But I totally agree on all those quasi-docu-style shows you describe. Those are rube shows for rube audiences, and you should be making better selections (if those better selections are available where you are).

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