The Oddly Timed Death of John Ashe

I am disappointed, once  again, in the main stream media.  They are supposed to love the salacious details, to know what makes people buy newspapers.  Yet, here is a case with all the fixings -bizarre death, UN hotshot, New York mansion, corruption scandal, Chinese billionaire, about to testify – and the story seems to be getting  much less play than all that warrants.


John Ashe (August 20, 1954- June 22, 2016)

Picture the scene: ex-UN president, on trial for taking bribes, dies while lifting weights in his mansion.  It’s like the opening scene of every bad cop show there is.  All the guys standing around in their suits with their notepads, saying “Yup, no sign of a struggle.  Sure looks like an accident to me.”  And then our hero, whether it’s Sherlock or Monk or McGarrett or Columbo says “Wait a minute.  That picture on the wall over there has been moved.  Obviously, this man was killed by a left handed albino over 6 feet tall.”

Now, I’m not saying for  sure it wasn’t an accident but, when somebody’s scheduled to testify, there are generally people who don’t want them to testify, and when we are talking about cases involving millions of dollars, lengthy jail terms and worse, loss of influence, some of those people just might  be willing to have somebody killed.

And I’m not saying we can link this to Hillary Clinton.  She obviously hasn’t killed even  10 percent of the people the right  wingers claim she has and, so far, I haven’t seen any more connection between her and this guy except that they are both wealthy, powerful, corrupt people and one of his co-defendants, billionaire Ng Lap Seng, visited the  White House 10 times between 1994 and 1996.  Once or twice might be diplomatic dinners and photo ops.  10 times is business.

So, maybe it was an accident.  Maybe  John Ashe dropped the barbell on his neck.  It happens.  But a bit of investigation is warranted.  Just to cover all the bases.


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