That Nice Lady Down in Texas

It is, of course, a personal,family tragedy, but most of the family is dead and one member of the family is responsible, so I’m going to go ahead and comment.  My condolences to the father, who apparently is completely innocent of murdering his children, although who knows what the whole argument was about in the first place.

The story is:  A lady down in Texas (I’m not going to bother with  names since I just  want to write this and not even flip screens to look at the  article again, and don’t want to link to it, either) murdered her two daughters (22  and 17) and then police shot her  when she wouldn’t put her gun down.

She was a regular poster on facebook.  Photos of her daughters with captions saying how much she loved them and all, bible quote memes,  and, of course, gun nut memes.  I get quite a few of those.  I’ve got a nephew, a brother-in-law, and a couple of friends from high school who post stupid shit like that, bragging about their firepower and making absolutely absurd analogies.  I’m quite certain that the vast majority of people who post stupid shit like that will never kill their  children and if all they are guilty of is posting stupid shit like that, I can live  with it.

That’s not my  point  for  tonight.  My point is how  weird it is that now that this mother has killed her daughters, we can look back at all her sweet, loving posts and have a starting point for the psychological public post-mortem which inevitably follows an event like this.  We no longer have to relay just on newspaper accounts.

It’s a new world.


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