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First, I’ll comment  on the politics of  the day.  It’s not surprising that the FBI is letting Hillary Clinton get away with having a server in her home and disappearing  30,000 e-mails after they’d asked to look at them.  Apparently, whatever Bill Clinton said to Loretta Lynch during their ‘accidental’ meeting was  enough.  It doesn’t mean  she’s innocent, any more than  that  swimmer from Stanford is innocent of raping that girl behind the dumpster.  Some people just get away with anything, that’s all.

We had a nice day today.  We went to a museum with the kids and a friend of Isabel’s.  The exhibit was ‘retro stuff.’   Clothes, toys, bric a brac, mostly from the 40s and 50s, the oldest item was a penny farthing bicycle.  I found it kind of boring, but the kids enjoyed it, which  is what counts, and I think Helena liked  it, too.

Then, we dropped Isabel and her  friend  off  at the cinema, because we had  precisely two  free tickets and Sam didn’t mind.  In fact, he pointed  out that it was a bit weird since we saw the movie on  TV and it was crap (Johnny Depp’s Alice in Wonderland), but it  was in 3-D and the cinema experience and all  that.
Now, Zlaty Smichov is, in most respects, a very ordinary mall.  But one, little used exit leads out to a wooden  slat bridge over a busy street and directly into a park, which not many people go to.  We sat there on a hillside and had a good view (the roof of the mall, interestingly, has a lot of grass on the top, and some solar panels) of the city across the river.  A panoramic view.  Easy to spot Žižkov Tower, of course,  and we thought  we had Naměsti Miru spotted, but  it was once I figured  out the outline of Appolinařska hospital that  the whole pattern fell into place.

We walked through that park for a while (they don’t actually have a zoo but there were a few exotic birds in a big cage and a couple of kangaroos), then  we walked down to the river and we were at Children’s Island, where we used to love taking the  kids when they were little, but they  closed it for reconstruction a few years ago and, from the look of things, they’ve got no intention of reconstructing  anything.  It’s just locked up and overgrown  with  weeds.  Lots of fond memories, though.

No real conclusions. That’s my blog for tonight.


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