Things We Can’t Accept

Now, I’m pretty  sure I’ve touched  on this subject before, since I’ve been writing  this blog for about 4 years  now, but one other  thing I’ve noticed  is  that  you  almost can’t write the same  thing twice, not  exactly, there’s always a slightly different idea that creeps  in  somewhere.

It has  to do with the old “The patience to accept the things  we  can’t change, the courage  to change the  things we can’t accept, and the wisdom to know the  difference” line which, up until I attended a few AA meetings, I just assumed to  be a meaningless platitude, but it’s not.  You can’t change the past, you can’t change the weather, and up until recently you couldn’t change your gender.  So,even what you can and can’t  change is changing (and there’s one of those different ideas that creeps in during the writing).

But I want to focus tonight’s blog on what we can’t accept and I think the top of that  list  should be things which threaten the existence of life on Earth.  Those are things we really, really should not accept and once you’ve accepted that they’re unacceptable, you start seeing ways to change them.

The extinction of the honey bees.  Totally unacceptable.  Of course, it could be easily changed by totally banning any  herbicides and pesticides that  honeybees don’t like, planting a lot more of the crop  they like a lot, setting  up safe  zones, and keeping a DNA bank just for a worst case scenario.

Asteroid strike, like the one that killed the  dinosaurs.  This could be made a lot less likely with a good early warning system.  I understand some  scientists are working on that, but if NASA had the budget of the military, instead of almost nothing, we could  have space  telescopes surrounding  the Earth pointing out in every direction  and scanning  every inch of sky, we could have outposts on Mars and various moons of Jupiter and Saturn, contingency plans  for what to do when we do spot  one, and we could  have adequate  underground shelters in all major  cities.

Global Warming or, since anti-science voters don’t quite seem to get that term, “pollution.”  We’re putting too much shit  in the air and the water and it could kill  us all, and most of our animal friends,  too.  Cockroaches would probably make it.  We need to switch hard to solar energy, we need to plant about a  gazillion more trees, we need to end  fracking, offshore  drilling and all of that stuff.

But, we’re not  doing it, and I can’t understand that.  These are things  we can’t accept, so we  should have the courage to change them.



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