Just a Couple of Random Thoughts

So, now we find out that in Hillary Clinton’s 3 hour interview with the FBI, she wasn’t actually under oath (not that that would have made any difference.  She is a lawyer.  She can lie  like  a pro.) and that no record was kept of what  was said, which strikes me as just shoddy.  I’m guessing they just had  coffee and chatted about this  and that.

Just watched a thing on Discovery Channel about Mao Tse Tung. It’s kind of amazing how much we don’t know  about what happened in the  world even  within our own  lifetimes, if it  was  just outside of our view.

Two police killings of black men in two  days.  We only heard about them, of course, because there were witnesses  and cell phone footage.  One  of  my facebook friends wrote “I don’t want to be that woman who’s just posting about all racism all the time, but then I realize that America is all  racism all the time.”

I did a  lot of work on my upcoming  poetry book today, aligning  the table  of  contents with the book.  Of course, you  can’t just glance at the titles and  work like a data entry machine, if so, I could have finished the job in ten minutes.  But, every poem I see, I wind up rereading.  Some  of them,quite honestly, are crap.  Some very short ones which could  have been bathroom wall graffiti.  Others, I fall in love with all over again.  All of them, though, rhyme and have something, at least some little thing, to say.



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