Death in Dallas

I was just trying to read up on the events of the day in Dallas before writing my blog about it, after watching it on TV this morning and reading about it on facebook all day, complete with the conspiracy theories (I am as pro-Sanders as anybody, but I don’t believe Hillary set this up to make it easier for police to crack down on protesters in Philadelphia), and I am confronted once again with the fact that the mainstream media is shit.

It’s not just that they have their own agenda, it’s that they are so lame at information gathering.

Most of the good footage of the event in real time, that they showed over and over again on CNN, came from some guy with a cell phone hiding behind a tree.

3 of the 5 dead have been identified.  Come on.  You’ve had all day.  I’m sure they were identified as soon as they got shot.  They were wearing uniforms.  Probably had a name tag and everything.

This morning they were talking about multiple gunmen, now they only talk about one.  Maybe that’s because that’s the only one who’s dead, and they certainly don’t want to talk about any who got away, but who and how money got away is a matter of great public interest.  And safety.

I saw a couple of news stories about how the gunman was killed by a bomb disposal robot.  How would that even work?  Did it extend a robot arm and clip a couple of wires in the gunman’s head?  Was the bomb disposal robot itself carrying a gun?  If so, being a robot, shouldn’t it be programmed to shoot to disable and not kill?  I mean, the robot can’t exactly claim it was in fear for its life, now, can it?  Not like all those weenie cops who kill unarmed civilians.

And shouldn’t it be programmed to follow Asimov’s 3 laws of robotics, and not kill anybody?  It’s a robot.  It can be trained to hit somebody in the knee every time.  Every single time.

In conclusion, this case, so far, has a lot more questions than answers.  And nobody will be able to figure out solutions to this problem until we do have all the information.


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