My Reaction to Bernie’s Speech

Of course  I am saddened by  Bernie’s speech, and expect that, barring  a  miracle like the FBI connecting  the dots between Seth Rich’s murder  and John  Ashe’s murder, Hillary  Clinton will be the Democratic nominee.

That sucks.  It means the oil companies will be able  to frack the fuck out  of anywhere on the planet they  please.  It means corporations  becoming even more entrenched with government than they are.  It could verywell mean war.

But one other thing I’m really upset  about is the reaction of so  many Sanderistas.  Calling Bernie a sellout.  And a traitor.  That is uncalled for.  He is not stabbing us in  the back.  He’s a pragmatic politician.  I think he’s playing his best hand to get  what  he thinks we can  get, and it’s really not good enough, but that  is not Bernie’s fault.

A few things to remember.

There will still be 1900 Sanders delegates in the first round.  Superdelegates are still going to have to deal with  their consciences  but, seeing  as how so many of them have none, that’s  not likely to hurt  her  either, even if she’s been flat out indicted on  one  of the major charges  pending.

The important thing is  what happens to the Bernie Sanders  movement, this massive wave of political  energy which has  built up and now  has nowhere  to go.  We should focus on getting candidates onto the ballot – Berniecrats – in all districts, state  and federal,  in 2018.  We should have some discussions about  what  our main  goals are.

As to November, our options are as follows:  Vote for  Jill Stein, or write in  Bernie Sanders.  Whichever way  that  goes, we probably should have  an  open and honest  discussion about it and get everybody on  the  same page.

Some people I know will be  voting for Hillary.  I’m not  going to cut them out of my life, although I don’t think much  of their decision.  Some people I know will be voting for Trump.

But I’m not talking  about them.  For progressives, the options are limited to the first  two.  Unless  Bernie actually does get the nomination.  Miracles have been known to happen.



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2 responses to “My Reaction to Bernie’s Speech

  1. Russell Watson

    Hi Willie. I completely agree that you should be focusing on getting down-ballot progressives voted in. That will be an excellent positive use of the political energy.
    I would note: there are no pending major (or minor) charges against Hillary, except wishful thinking on some people’s parts.
    For the Bernie or Busters in solid red or blue states, I don’t see that it matters if a small percentage of people vote for Jill Stein or try to write someone in (not every state’s ballot allows write-ins for President). But for those Bernistas in swing states, voting for anyone but Hillary would be a terrible decision. A few percentage points to Jill Stein doesn’t send a message that next time we should go more left. It sends the message that Donald Trump won. And when a super-right-wing racist nutbag wins, the politics shift rightward to draw from his camp – not leftward with the idea that the electorate really wanted someone radically left, so they elected someone radically right.
    Not to mention all the terrible things that will happen while we wait the 4-8 years to replace Trump – people losing health care, women losing the right to choose, no movement at all on gun legislation, the 1st amendment run through the ringer, prayer and bible issues being put into law, LGBT rights being trampled. Perhaps you think all that’s just the price we have to pay. But for me, I think those are pretty bleak outcomes for the benefit of being able to say your vote was made in could conscience.

    • Nonetheless, you have to know: a whole hell of a lot of people will not vote for Hillary under any circumstances. We really do hate her that much. She did not win the nomination fairly (she has not won it yet, either), and I am convinced (although I obviously cannot prove) that she had John Ashe and Seth Rich murdered. Even Trump hasn’t sunk to that level, to the best of my knowledge.

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